June 24, 2024

Indian Army Hospital creates history by conducting 50 bilateral simultaneous cochlear implants in 18 months


NEW DELHI: The Department of Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) at Army Hospital (R&R) in Delhi Cantt. has conducted 50 bilateral simultaneous cochlear implants in the last 18 months, becoming the only government hospital across the country to accomplish these many successful implants.

Cochlear implant is a sophisticated medical device which enables hearing-disabled patients to come into the mainstream by making them hear through it. The cost of the equipment has always been a concern, making its outreach limited). Children get only one cochlear implant in most of the government-funded programme. The benefit of hearing in both ears far outweighs the cost involved, and the Armed Forces Medical Services were quick to realise this.

In March 2022, the policy for cochlear implant for hearing-impaired patients in the Armed Forces was revised and simultaneous bilateral (in both ears) implants were included. This was the first policy in the country bringing medical standards at par with developed countries.

DG Armed Forces Medical Services Lt Gen Daljit Singh and DGMS (Army) Lt Gen Arindam Chatterjee have congratulated the Army Hospital (R&R) and wished many more laurels to the institute.

The Army Hospital (R&R) is the apex hospital of the Armed Forces and is presently being commanded by Lt Gen Ajith Nilakantan who specialises in ENT and Head and Neck Oncosurgery.


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