June 24, 2024

NEW DELHI: Aurea Biolabs, a leading manufacturer and exporter for nutraceuticals, today announced the launch of PureVeda, – a first-of-its kind nutraceuticals range in India.

Clinically proven to deliver unmatched efficacy, the PureVeda range of nutraceuticals comprises of Super Turmeric (for Wellness and Immunity), Tru Relief (for Pain Management) and Activ Digest (for Digestive Support).

The PureVeda range of products are potent capsules of health that are crafted from 100 % pure and natural ingredients. They have been formulated using the unique concept of the Golden Triangle – which essentially involves combining the knowledge of Ayurvedic science with Aurea Biolabs’ patent filed delivery technologies (PNS and Zeal) and are backed with clinical evidence.

PNS and Zeal are a one-of-its-kind, patent filed formulation technology that helps in deriving the maximum benefit of a natural ingredient. PNS (Polar –Non-polar sandwiching) is a process which makes natural molecules highly absorbable in the intestinal tract, consequently increasing its bioavailability, while Zeal ensures maximum efficacy, potency, and bioavailability with a highly efficient, targeted delivery system.

John Nechupadom, Managing Director of Aurea Biolabs, stated, “We are seeing a paradigm shift in the way Indians perceive health and wellness, with the number of health conscious individuals growing rapidly each year. They are turning to alternatives that not just address specific health needs but also act as a daily fulfilment to keep up with a fast paced life. More importantly, they are looking at convenient and natural health solutions that are pure, effective and have a lasting impact on overall health and wellbeing. The genesis of PureVeda was rooted in these insights. The PureVeda range of nutraceuticals have been conceptualized and developed to meet the dynamic lifestyle of the health conscious Indian, while being globally competitive in safety and performance.”

At Aurea Biolabs, we have always been committed to developing quality health and wellness solutions. Using our deep knowledge around botanicals, along with our patent filed PNS and Zeal technologies, the PureVeda range of products have been extensively validated through pre-clinical and clinical studies to deliver higher absorption and efficacy in the human body. We are confident, that our new range of products will gain wide acceptance across the country”, added Sasikumar Kuttappan, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer.

The PureVeda range of nutraceuticals – Super Turmeric, Tru Relief and Activ Digest, have been developed using safe, sustainable and high-quality ingredients.

Super Turmeric is a full spectrum natural supplement that incorporates over 200+ bioactive molecules of the turmeric rhizome, with the highest percentage of curcuminoids. Supported by 7 clinical trials, Super Turmeric is rich in antioxidants and is ten times better absorbed by the body, thereby reducing inflammation, and improving the everyday immunity of an individual.

Tru Relief is a clinically proven, advanced pain management solution derived from the phytocannabinoids of black pepper and is designed for adults who want to lead an active lifestyle. It provides relief from muscular discomfort, supports recovery from injuries and improves all-round musculoskeletal health.

The Full Spectrum Ginger Extract in Activ Digest has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ability that can help resist and fight bacteria commonly involved in gastrointestinal disorders. It also acts as a digestive stimulant and supports overall digestive health.

Available in a jar of 30 capsules, Super Turmeric, Tru Relief and Activ Digest are priced between Rs 600 and Rs 700 and can be bought on www.amazon.in and www.pureveda.com.

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