June 24, 2024

Covid-19: Dadi Dada Foundation urges citizens for vaccination


NEW DELHI: As part of its ongoing National Awareness Campaign on Covid Vaccination, Dadi Dada Foundation organised a programme at Ajaypur in Bhadohi of Uttar Pradesh.

At the day-long event, the Foundation dispelled misconceptions about the vaccine being spread in several sections of the society.

Due to spread of such false information, there are reports of vaccine wastage as people are not turning up at various vaccine centres in rural areas.

There is an urgent need to remove all hesitations regarding vaccines. According to a data, the weekly vaccination figure dropped to about 32 lakh between June 5 to 25. An average of approximately 80.77 lakh vaccine doses was given to the 60-plus population per week between March 13 and April 2.

The drop in vaccination rate for the senior citizens, as per healthcare experts, is primarily due to mobility issues and misinformation and unsubstantiated apprehensions about the jabs, but little has been done to combat this.
We urge all citizens to turn up for vaccination which is the only available weapon against the virus.

In his address, Munishankar, Director of Dadidada Foundation, citing the data released on the Vaccination of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, said that the vaccination rate of the elderly has decreased in June compared to April, which is a cause of great concern.

Such scenario will affect the approach of elders towards the vaccination. The elderly are the most important as due to corona, most of the deaths in the world have happened to older people.

Director informed that NHPC and Welspun Foundation cooperated as sponsors in the year-long campaign of the Dadi Dada Foundation.

Sandeep Singh, a resident of Ajaypur, vice-president of Daddada Foundation, while conducting the program, said that it is a matter of great pride for the village of Ajaypur that this noble work is starting from here.

All the people present in this program were also administered the oath of Vaccination of any one person and their Vaccination. In the same program, senior BJP leader Anurag Pandey, resident of Gyanpur, said that the government is committed to senior citizens’ welfare.

The helpline is run for the elders of Chief Minister Yogi is being appreciated all over the country. Today the need is to save every section of society from this epidemic. As a society, we need to take every information related to the vaccine to the village in the right way while playing our part.

On this occasion, Dr JS Bind said that there is a need that, along with new ways of living in such a situation, we have to gear up to deal with this disaster. It is also to be kept in mind that whether to go for Vaccination or after the vaccine, the routine should include masks, two yards and frequent hand washing. On this occasion, Naib Tahsildar Anjani Kumar said that we are determined to defeat Corona.

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