July 21, 2024

Haryana to get its first Oxygen Express


NEW DELHI: Indian Railways is continuing its journey of delivering liquid medical oxygen to various parts of the country. So far, more than 510 metric tonnes liquid medical oxygen (LMO) have been delivered to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

Haryana Govt. has also requested Railways for Oxygen Express. Currently, tankers are being loaded in Faridabad, which will be sent for filling to Rourkela. As of now, It is planned that 2 Oxygen Express with a capacity of 5 tankers each will be run specifically for Haryana.

Madhya Pradesh has received its first Oxygen Express carrying more than 64 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen today early morning. These tankers were unloaded at various locations in Madhya Pradesh in cities like Jabalpur (1 Tanker), Bhopal (2 Tankers) & Sagar (3 Tankers).

4th Oxygen Express destined for Lucknow will be reaching Lucknow today carrying three tankers of LMO. Another empty rake is on its way (6th) from Lucknow to Bokaro, which will bring another set of oxygen tanker replenishing oxygen supply to Uttar Pradesh. Continuous Oxygen Express to Uttar Pradesh is ensuring uninterrupted oxygen replenishment to the residents of UP.

So far, Indian Railways has delivered 202 metric tonnes to Uttar Pradesh, 174 metric tonnes to Maharashtra, 70 metric tonnes to Delhi and Madhya Pradesh 64 metric tonnes.


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