July 21, 2024

HIMS Hospital and Sridhar University launch the training of ‘The Invisible Medicine’


New Delhi: With the collaboration of HIMS hospital and Shridhar University, the launch/training of the event ‘the Invisible Medicine’ took place in the huge LTG auditorium situated at Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi.

Dr. Om Prakash Gupta, Registrar, Shridhar University, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Apart from the Directors  and Promoters of HIMS hospital,  Acharya Manish, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and Dr. Avadesh Pandey were also present.  In the beginning, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury reintroduced ‘the Science of Postural Medicine’. He said that through the therapy of hot water immersion (sitting in the hot water tub), thousands of people have succeeded in treating themselves of various infections/diseases. He further added that this therapy is also helpful in the treatment of Dialysis, Cancer, Parkinsons and other neuro-degenerative diseases. ‘The Science of Postural Medicine’ is an interesting science based on the law of gravity. Gravitational force cannot be purchased from a shop; it is freely available around us.

“This therapy can be used even by the poor people just by spending a small amount of money. One does not require any special gadgets or resources for the purpose. One can simply utilize the broken fridge or the Sintex tank for the purpose. If a person does not have access to these, he can simply dig a ditch and make arrangements for the person’s lying down in hot water, said Dr. Chowdhury. Here, gravity works as medicine. A treatment like this involves no medicine or expenditure.  A total of 12 videos were shared in the event. These videos are equivalent to top 12 ideas, through which hot water immersion treatment can be done.

Through the videos of the patients shown during the event, one may get an idea of the different ways through which hot water tub can be prepared so that he can avail the benefits of this therapy. He said that one need not rush to an expensive hospital to treat himself of chronic diseases such as kidney failure, Cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases. Our invisible medicine would provide immediate relief.

The event also witnessed the successful launch of the book ‘The Heat Protocol’. The book teaches the use of heat as medicine and through which, one can get rid of Flu, Covid and other respiratory diseases.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury said if the treatment protocol starts with the appearance of the first symptom of Flu such as fever, cough, cold, body ache, weakness or fatigue, the person can be cured within two hours. This therapy of providing heat is absolutely free of cost, scientifically proven and gives instant relief.

The procedure for using heat as medicine, as described in the book, was also explained to people so that they could adopt the treatment protocol in emergency situations.

Another invisible medicine was introduced in the event. The audience was familiarized with vibration as medicine.

A MOU was also signed with Shridhar university. The university was represented by the Registrar Dr. O.P. Gupta and the experts, who introduced vibration is medicine, Captain Arvind Singh and Dr. Avadesh Pandey were also present. It was decided that a two month online course will be started from March 2022 wherein the use of ‘vibration is medicine’ would be taught.

While introducing ‘vibration is medicine’, an example was given that in an Orchestra, if all the musicians do not play the music in synchronization, it would result in loud noise instead of music. In the same fashion, if all the organs of a human body do not work in harmony, the person will always be sick. Vibration is medicine is also a free therapy, which can be used by any person on his own, without seeking any external help.

In the end, a convocation ceremony of Shridhar university was held wherein certificates were awarded to those students who had qualified a two month online course ‘Emergency and Pain Management’. About 1000 people from across the world enrolled themselves for the course and the top 100 among them were awarded the certificates on successful completion of the course.

The event concluded with a free medical camp organized by Shuddhi Ayurveda for the journalists and their families and the distribution of ayurvedic medicines.

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