July 21, 2024

Indian Army converts Base Hospital into Covid-19 facilitys


NEW DELHI: In keeping with its ethos of selfless service to the Nation, the Indian Army has created a number of COVID-19 facilities on a war footing in order to provide extensive medical assistance to veterans and their dependents at a number of places.

One such facility has been created at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment (BHDC) where the entire hospital has been converted into a Covid hospital with comprehensive arrangements for providing critical care to all incoming patients.

At the start of the current COVID wave, the Base Hospital catered for 340 COVID beds of which just 250 beds were oxygenated. This resource was being severely stretched for additional capacities due to exponential rise in COVID cases. Despite the beds being filled to their capacity, patients over and above this capacity are being treated in the Trauma Centre after obtaining their willingness to wait for beds. A plan was quickly put in place to expand the capacity to 650 COVID beds of which 450 beds will be oxygenated by 30 April 2021.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is also being enhanced from 12 beds 35 ICU beds by 29 April 2021. Next phase of expansion will see the present capacity being augmented to 900 oxygenated beds by the second week of June 2021.

For efficient patient management, a new COVID OPD under a specialist medical team is functioning round the clock for screening positive patients for home isolation, investigation, treatment advice and admission under a single roof. This team clinically examines approximately 500 patients on a daily basis and appropriate medical advice is rendered. The endeavor is to ensure that all critical cases are provided appropriate treatment.

In another initiative, a COVID tele-consultancy & Information Management Cell under a senior officer is functioning 24 x 7 rendering medical advice as well as information about admitted patients with due sensitivity. On an average, 1200-1300 calls are handled by this cell suggesting that the facility is well subscribed. Some of the functions being performed by the Cell include:-

– Telephonic consultation including provision of expert medical advice.

– Updates regarding admitted patients to relatives.

– Guidance regarding bed availability/admissions.

– COVID test reports.

– Coordination of personal requests from patients/ relatives.

– Information regarding COVID vaccination.

Citizens can make use of the following numbers to avail this facility:-


– 011-25683580

– 011-25683585

– 011-25683581

– 37176 (through Army Line)

Indian Army will spare no efforts to augment medical capacities to match the expanding requirements caused by the exponential rise in daily cases. In the current crisis, when all available medical resources are being marshalled to the best of our ability, veterans are requested to extend full support and encourage military medical professionals who are performing their duties with utmost dedication and sincerity.

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