July 25, 2024

Nearly 4200 MT Oxygen delivered to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh


NEW DELHI: Overcoming all hurdles and finding new solutions, Indian Railways is continuing its journey of bringing relief by delivering Liquid Medical Oxygen(LMO) to various states across the country.

So far, Indian Railways has delivered nearly 4200 MT of LMO in more than 268 tankers to various states across the country.

68 Oxygen Expresses have already completed their journey so far.

It is Indian Railways endeavour to deliver as much LMO as possible in the shortest time possible to the requesting states.

Till the time of this release,293MT has been offloaded in Maharashtra, 1230 MT in UP, 271 MT in MP, 555 MT in Haryana, 123 MT in Telangana, 40 MT in Rajasthan and 1679 MT in Delhi.

Oxygen is now being delivered by Railways to new cities like Kanpur, which received 80 MT of LMO today.

Running of new Oxygen is a very dynamic exercise and figures keep getting updated all the time. More loaded Oxygen Expresses are expected to start their journeys later in the night.

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