July 21, 2024

Threefold increase in production of Remdesivir in India


NEW DELHI: The production of remdesivir is being increased at a rapid pace in the country. In just a few days, India has achieved 3 times the production capacity of Remedesvir and will soon be able to meet the growing demand,” siad Minister of State for Chemical and FertilizersMansukh Mandaviya today.

Production has gone up from 37 lakh on 12 April 2021 to 1.05 crore on 4 May 2021.

In view of the increase in demand, the number of plants producing Remdesivir has also gone up from 20 on 12 April 2021 to 57 on 4 May 2021.

The Government of India continues with its relentless efforts to fight Corona

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